Enhance Security While Improving User Experience

WhatsApp has approximately 2 billion monthly active users, making it the most popular global mobile messenger app. Furthermore, it is free from the international deliverability issues of SMS. Send OTPs with the messenger service your users are familiar with to verify transactions and logins, providing smoother user experience and increasing customer retention. Users can still verify through SMS if they do not use WhatsApp.

Wasage Features

WhatsApp OTP is proven to be much more effective than SMS or emails

Secure your Apps

Verify your Clients from Web App, Mobile App

Granted Security

WhatsApp OTP is end-to-end encrypted

Supper Fast

WhatsApp Messages read within 3 Seconds

Pricing Plan


Free Untill 1/1/2025

  • Unlimited OTP/Messages
  • Get Customer Name
  • Get Customer Number
  • Admin Panel
  • Rest API
  • 24/7 Support

Easily Switch Your OTP

To WhatsApp Now

3 Steps Only

1- Send an API request including the OTP/Message to recive the OTP Details

2- Let your client scan code or click on the button to send code to Wasage WhatsApp

3- We will send Callback to your backend with success OTP including client information

Send WhatsApp messages

Notifications, Updates, Alerts

2 Steps Only

1- Create your Sender ID

2-User Message API to send your message content to your clients on WhatsAPp